All artwork for the Reforged Trilogy was done by Rowena Wang.

Crucible of Stars

Xia from Anvil of TearsXartasia, version 1Tiberius from Anvil of TearsInitial sketches for Anvil of TearsGrumpy Tiberius is grumpyMore Anvil of Tears MaeveFirst art for Maeve from Anvil of TearsLogan sketch for Anvil of TearsGripper in all of his furry gloryGabriel from Anvil of TearsAoT-cover-2AoT-cathedral-2

Sword of Dreams

Maeve and Logan from Sword of DreamsConcept art of Sipho for Sword of DreamsFinal Sipho artwork

Hammer of Time

Xartasia, version 2 for Hammer of TimeMaeve concept art for Hammer of TimeFinal Hammer of Time cover art

Lily Quinn

All of the original Lily Quinn cover art was done by Gwynn Tavares.


LQ01 artLQ02 originalLQ03LQ04LQ05Max sketchMaxLQ06-artLQ07LQ08LQ09LQ10LQ11LQ12LQ14-art